Are you feeling a deep, inner calling to support pet parents during the final phase of their beloved animal companion's journey in this life?

Choosing to work with death is often not a conscious decision; it's a soul-stirring calling that whispers to us from within. If you're feeling that call, then this course is tailor-made for you!

While some may perceive working with the dying and their grieving parents as somber and disheartening, my experience has been quite the opposite. In fact, my heart has expanded exponentially as I've guided pet parents from grief-stricken despair to a loving, peaceful acceptance that maintains their connection with their pets.

These sacred moments offer profound opportunities to tap into the wisdom of animals, witnessing the boundless love and tranquility inherent in this sacred passage.

Every morning, I wake up with a smile, knowing that I have the privilege of facilitating these incredible transformations. We bridge worlds, bringing the energy of the Divine into our earthly reality, and the joy that emanates from witnessing these profound shifts and serving others is indescribable.

This isn't just a job; it's a calling that transcends the physical realm, offering fulfillment beyond measure.

What exactly is a pet death doula?

Think of doulas as compassionate guides who provide invaluable non-medical support on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels during significant life transitions.

Just as a birth doula aids in welcoming a new soul into this world, a death doula facilitates the transition of the soul into a new plane of existence.

As Sacred Pet Death Doulas within this program, we embrace the profound responsibility of accompanying a dying pet on their final journey.

Armed with knowledge and experience, we understand that death is not an endpoint, but rather a continuation of our consciousness journey.

Through our specialized training, we offer a compassionate, loving, and nonjudgmental presence that brings comfort and solace to pet parents as they navigate this delicate time. This sense of calmness is crucial for pets during their transition, ensuring they embark on their journey with peace and serenity.

The role of a caregiver for the dying is one that deserves a revival in the modern world. By providing support and guidance during the transition of our beloved animal companions, we aim to alleviate the immense suffering that often accompanies end-of-life experiences.

With this training you will learn


to facilitate a conscious death


everything you need to be competent and confident in supporting pets and pet parents on this journey


to know how to bring peace even when facing intense emotions


how to honor all pet parent’s beliefs while staying true to your own


how to avoid compassion fatigue


ways to support pet parents in reaching peace and acceptance


ways to support pet parents in having meaningful realizations and a more expanded view of what is happening


how to help pet parents see the gifts their pets are giving them even in these last moments


the skills to provide emotional and spiritual support


how to support pet parents with their grief


to support your clients in accompanying their beloved pets to their last


to understand the common needs of all dying pets regardless of their specific illness and how to help pet parents meet these needs in a meaningful way

Who is this training for?

“True love stories never have endings”. Richard Bach


This program is for compassionate animal lovers who want to support our mission of changing the way our pet’s end-of-life is lived – whether you want to do it as a job or just support your loved ones


it’s for anyone who wants to dedicate time to introducing a more compassionate way of living and dying to others


whoever is ready to bring back the sacredness into the dying process


start a business by being of service to animals and people


for vets, animal communicators and all pet professionals that want to expand their support to clients

Main topics covered

Below are examples of what's included in the program.

We will also be looking at case studies and training on how best to support pets and pet parents.

  • Inner work for pet death doulas (with practices and exercises)

  • Working through our own traumas (with practices and exercises)

  • Inviting our guides

  • Learning techniques to go deeper into the core issues that are creating difficulties in the end-of-life experience and life in general

  • Rewiring our death experiences

  • Conscious creators vs unconscious creators

  • The power of our beliefs

  • Emotional dynamics

  • The healing power of words

  • How to support pet parents with their suffering

  • I see you – compassionate conversations

  • Helping clients let go

  • When to get another animal friend

  • Avoiding compassion fatigue

  • Helping with grief

  • The art of listening

  • Creating a healing space for our clients

  • How to help pet parents find their pet’s last gifts

  • Transitioning to higher dimensions

  • Helping souls go to the light…. much more

This pet doula program stands out from others of its kind by placing equal emphasis on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of end-of-life care. Recognizing dying as a spiritual journey, we understand the importance of comprehending what lies beyond for our beloved pets and the consequences of all our actions, whether we are told are compassionate or not.

Many pet doula programs adhere to conventional end-of-life care, focusing solely on the physical body and often resorting to euthanasia as the only solution when medical treatment is no longer viable. This approach, driven by fear of pain, suffering, and societal judgment, frequently leaves pet parents with unresolved grief and pets grappling with emotional turmoil during their final moments—a process that hinders their peaceful transition.

Taking a holistic view of the dying process unveils it as a series of steps that, when followed, can lead to a serene transition for all involved. Just as this process brought us into physical existence at birth, as pet doulas, we attune ourselves to this natural blueprint and guide each pet through their unique end-of-life journey. We assist pet parents in transmuting sorrow into strength and navigating grief in a natural, healing manner.

Walking this journey consciously yields profound gifts, and as doulas, we help our clients unearth these treasures and alleviate any emotional burdens that may arise, facilitating a peaceful transition for pets.

Recognizing the deep connection between pets and their parents, we address all facets of their bond to ensure a dignified passing.

We believe every pet and pet parent deserves access to this holistic support.

Understanding death empowers us with choices and allows us to navigate this experience with the reverence it deserves.

Enroll now and become a beacon of comfort and guidance for pets and their parents alike!

What people say about our

Sacred Pet Doula Training

“Through all the chaos and uncertainty of the death process, and life in general, Monique teaches us why love is the highest of all virtues to embody.

We are blessed to have Monique leading the way to experience a conscious-death with our beloved pets. 

Monique brings the knowledge and wisdom of the ages to her courses, and they will change your life forever.

Monique's knowledgeable approach to a conscious-death experience will change your life forever.

Thank you so much for your work and dedication to helping others learn/relearn about this sacred process. You truly are a blessing in my life, and to the world!"

Jeanine Susan Deal - USA      

"Monique's course is very different from other courses: Monique takes us on a highly profound journey, through which I changed so many of my attitudes and views on animals and life.

I had the wonderful opportunity to discover what real love is, how gratitude and love open new ways to make life as wise as possible. Through these teachings I was able to find joy and gratitude even behind the end-of-life journey and this is a precious gift Monique offered me throughout this awakening journey to love.

Monique also brings elegance as a course-creator: the visual and audio works are of great quality - a real pleasure for the eye and the mind - and she is always very generous, empathetic and solar.

Thank you Monique Brignoni for having taken me to a better version of myself…for the sake of my animal companions and my client's."

Jaklin Audrey - Switzerland

Dog Healer - Trainer - Podcasts

I am offering two distinct paths to follow your calling to become a pet death doula, each supported by the spirit of a unique animal guide.

The Elephant Path

The Elephant path embodies gentleness, compassion, magic, and a deep sense of connectedness and devotion to family. As doulas, we channel these energies to support pets and their parents, ensuring that every action is taken with compassion, selfless love, and a touch of magic.

Elephants also symbolize leadership balanced with great compassion.

Elephants walk together, slowly but surely, always supporting each other in their journey. This group program will equip you with everything you need to support pets and pet parents, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose as you respond to the call for help of pets and pet parents.

What's included in the ELEPHANT path

  • 8 x 2 hour Video Recordings

  • 8 x Live Zoom sessions (1 hour each) to get personal about the video content of the week

  • Recordings of all live sessions will be available on our PetWise App or Web, to which you have LIFETIME access

  • FREE and LIFETIME ACCESS to the Walk Your Pet Home Masterclass (value $ 998)

  • After the course, the Sacred Pet Doula membership will be available at a fee of $38 monthly

  • Opportunity to ask any personal question during our live sessions and to work on real cases together

  • FREE access to the Sacred Pet Death Doula’s Private Community where you can share your cases with our tribe and I can offer updates

  • Sacred Pet Death Doula Certification of completion

Enroll in this life-changing training NOW!

Follow your calling and support all animals in living

a sacred and peaceful end of life

$ 2,222

or 3 installments of $ 850

This course contains LIVE sessions where we will meet weekly on Zoom for around 1 hour to get personal about what you learned in each session.

The Sacred Pet Death Doula Certification of completion will be given after a final group exam.

MODULE 1: Saturday, November 2nd 2024

MODULE 2: Saturday, November 9th, 2024

MODULE 3: Saturday, November 16th, 2024

MODULE 4: Saturday, November 23rd, 2024

MODULE 5: Saturday, November 30th, 2024

MODULE 6: Saturday, December 7th, 2024

MODULE 7: Saturday, December 14th, 2024

MODULE 8: Saturday, December 21st, 2024

at 18.00 CET/CEST – 9.00 AM PST/PT – 10.00 AM MST/MT – 12 noon EST/ET – 9.00 PM UAE




Reach out today, there are other options available!

Would you like more help to get to where you want to go faster?


Would you like to get more out of the program?


Do you prefer to have private sessions tailored to your needs?


Are the group timings not the best for you?


Would you like to be part of Animalchemy's Sacred Pet Doulas?


Would you like to have a special Animalchemy's Certification Logo?


Would you like to learn more about starting a pet doula business?

If so, the CHEETAH path is for you!


The Cheetah path, in contrast to the ELEPHANT path, is marked by independence, strength and a blend of solitary and communal support. Female cheetahs care for their young with unwavering love and kindness, while male cheetahs band together for mutual support. This combination is crucial in our doula work, helping us find stillness and alignment within, to take the right actions for pets and their parents.

Sacred Pet Doula work is the missing link between a medical approach to the end of life and the sacredness of this transition. This special doula care is urgently needed and it’s time to respond to this calling with the swift action of the cheetah.

The Cheetah program is perfect for those who feel an immediate urge to start helping animals, offering a balance of group interaction and personalized, private sessions. This program lets you dictate your pace and path, ensuring a journey tailored to your soul’s needs.

If you’re drawn to the Cheetah program, reach out to discuss how we can tailor this journey to your unique needs, donning your special cheetah suit for the adventure ahead.

What's included in the CHEETAH path

  • Everything in the group program plus...

  • 4 extra 2 hour PRIVATE SESSIONS

  • Extra help to start a business to support pet parents and pets

  • Opportunity to have a tailor made tuition and to choose the topics that are specifically important for you

  • 3 months FREE access to the Sacred Pet Doula Membership

  • 50% discount on my mentoring fees for the duration of the training and whilst in the Sacred Pet Death Doula Membership

  • FREE enlistment on the Sacred Death Doula Practitioner list on PetWise and Animalchemy once completed the course

  • Certified Sacred Pet Doula Logo

Licence Walk Your Pet Home Masterclass

By enrolling in any of the sacred pet doula trainings, you open the door to the possibility of licensing the Walk Your Pet Home Masterclass.

Crafting this comprehensive material has been a labor of love over many years, and its holistic approach to supporting pet parents from every angle makes it invaluable for your practice. As a Sacred Death Doula trained with me, you'll have the unique privilege of licensing these courses, empowering you to establish a sacred business and disseminate this profound knowledge far and wide. Gone are the days of investing countless years and resources; now, you can effortlessly share this transformative wisdom with those who need it most.

Whether you wish to share relevant videos or even facilitate the entire course yourself, this licensing opportunity grants you access to a transformative and life-changing resource.

The time for a shift in consciousness is upon us, and I am deeply honored by anyone who feels called to join me in spreading this sacred work.

Enroll in this life-changing training NOW!

Each course offered represents the culmination of over 30 years of diverse spiritual exploration and over 15 years of hands-on end-of-life experiences. They are the embodiment of my life's work, crafted with passion and dedication to empower individuals like you.

My vision is to cultivate a community of doulas characterized by compassion, authenticity, and a profound connection to the source. I believe that true support stems from our own inner healing and growth, enabling us to extend genuine care to others.

The knowledge and skills you'll acquire through these courses are truly invaluable. Not only will you learn how to provide compassionate support to pets and their parents, but you'll also undergo a profound transformation in your own life and the lives of those you touch through your work.

Other than a sacred calling, this can become a full time job! We all get to walk the end-of-life journey sooner or later! Help me help as many pets and pet parents as possible. Millions of pets are waiting for you!

If you're eager for more information or have any questions bubbling up, please don't hesitate to reach out. Sometimes, it's only through a heartfelt conversations that we can truly grasp whether this course aligns with your soul's calling. So, please, don't hesitate to schedule a call with me! I look forward to connecting with you and having the opportunity to explore together how I can help you with your life's mission!

Q: What does it mean to be certified as a Sacred Pet End-Of-Life Doula?

A: While certifications for human and pet doulas are available, it's important to note that our profession is primarily self-regulating. Unlike some industries, there isn't a government-mandated regulatory body overseeing doula training and certification programs. Therefore, all certificates signify completion of a specific training program.

Becoming certified as a Sacred Pet Death Doula with Animalchemy indicates that:

  • You have successfully completed the Walk Your Pet Home Masterclass and possess a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of end-of-life care.

  • You demonstrate proficiency in core knowledge areas related to the end-of-life process, encompassing mind, body, and spirit—a depth of understanding that exceeds traditional end-of-life care training.

    With that said, undertaking this training program is a significant accomplishment. Beyond equipping you with the skills to support pets through their end-of-life journey, it delves into broader topics such as human end-of-life care, life, the afterlife, and inner healing. By embarking on this transformative journey, you not only deepen your ability to support others during their most challenging times but also undergo profound personal growth and healing.

Q: What is different from other similar certification programs?

A: At Animalchemy, we approach end-of-life care differently. As a doula in our program, you'll gain a deep understanding of the death process—a stage that's remarkably similar for both humans and animals. Armed with this knowledge, you'll banish the shadows of fear, such as the fear of pain or the fear of death, and instead, you'll offer calm, steadfast support to pet parents, guiding them step by step in alignment with their pets' wishes, rather than allowing fear to dictate decisions. And any decision made in a love state, will always be the right one.

While many programs focus on preparing pet parents for euthanasia, our approach shifts the spotlight away from this procedure. In fact, it's common for our clients' pets to experience a tranquil, pain-free passing in the comfort of their own home.

Our focus extends far beyond euthanasia to encompass the entirety of our clients' animal companions. We delve into every aspect of the dying process, exploring not only the physical body but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. With a deep understanding of how animals transition and the profound impact it has on their journey beyond, we discern the perfect timing to intervene or simply provide a peaceful, loving environment for their transition.

We recognize the innate intelligence of the body, understanding that just as it orchestrates our entry into this world, it also knows how to guide us out. By embracing all these facets, we empower pet parents to make truly informed decisions for their beloved pets.

At Animalchemy, we honor the uniqueness of each end-of-life journey, acknowledging the individuality of every pet and pet parent. Through our comprehensive approach, we ensure that every decision is made with compassion, wisdom, and a deep appreciation for the sacred bond between pets and their caregivers.

Q: I have more questions!

Please schedule a call with me. I will be happy to answer any question you may have and it will be a good opportunity to connect!

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