The end-of-life journey with our beloved pets is undoubtedly one of the most profound and challenging experiences we face. Although we love our pets to the moon and back, our shared moments of joy and and love get exchanged with the inevitable anguish, pain, and sense of helplessness when our furry companions reach their final days.

But amidst the grief, there is a pathway to transforming these difficult moments into ones filled with love, peace, and profound connection. It's about embracing the sacredness of this transition, honoring the bond we share with our animal friends, and guiding them - and ourselves - with compassion and understanding through this poignant phase of life.

In "Walk Your Pet Home," we invite you to embark on a journey of profound discovery and transformation.

This masterclass isn't just about preparing for the inevitable; it's about embracing every moment consciously with mindfulness, and love.

It's about recognizing that death is not merely a medical event, but a deeply spiritual and emotional passage for both pet and human alike.

Together, we'll explore all levels of what is happening and this will increase the depth of our connection with our pets, honoring their journey and ours with reverence and love.

Through the knowledge shared, guided practices, heartfelt discussions, and shared experiences, you'll learn how to embrace the final phase of your pet's life with compassion, presence, and authenticity.

Every pet and human friend deserves to walk this path together, hand in paw, in a way that honors the love and companionship they've shared.

Join us in "Walk Your Pet Home," and let's journey together towards a farewell filled with love, peace, and profound connection.

" Be still prepared for death - and death or life shall therefore be

William Shakespeare

It's important to take back the responsibility of our pet's last phase on Earth, because even this is life!

Yet, we can't navigate this journey if we're overwhelmed by helplessness and uncertainty about what truly lies ahead.

That's where the Walk Your Pet Home Masterclass steps in to guide you!

The masterclass is divided in two parts:

FIRST PART: The Awakened Way To A Peaceful End of Life

The first part delves into the profound impact of our personal growth on how we navigate this phase, offering invaluable support to our beloved pets for a peaceful and love-filled transition.

It broadens our understanding of death and dying, revealing the transformative journey it entails.

Just as birth unfolds gradually, so does the process of departing from this life. It's not a sudden switch, but a gradual transition that involves physical, emotional, and energetic preparations and alignments. Understanding these dynamics empowers us to maintain a sense of calm—a crucial comfort for our pets during this time.idens our perspective on death and dying and the transformation that it brings.

Moreover, this first part illuminates the remarkable gifts our pets continue to impart, even in their twilight phase, enriching our lives in profound ways.

These are the Sessions:


  • How this journey began

  • Expanding our awareness

  • How we approach the end-of-life today

  • The power of a diagnosis

  • Quality of life


  • Fear of death

  • The unseen good side of death

  • Death denial

  • Fear as a wayshower

  • Tuning into love


  • How animals cope with fear

  • How our energy affects our pets

  • Do animals know they are dying?

  • What pets really want


  • Change begins with us

  • The power of a crisis

  • Time to go?

  • Animal communication

  • The right action

  • Releasing guilt


  • Physical pain

  • Pain as a messenger

  • The alchemy of pain

  • How pets cope with pain

  • Pain versus suffering

  • Stepping up to an even higher level of consciousness


  • Layers of life

  • Good death

  • Lessons from Tao

  • The Awakened Way

  • When euthanasia feels necessary

  • Sudden grief


  • Preparation for death

  • The dance

  • Becoming alchemists

  • The gifts of this journey

  • Joy and laughter as healers

  • A word on healing

  • The next step on this journey

The Awakened Way is for you if:


You know something is missing in how the end-of-life is lived today and you are ready to embrace a new way


You are interested in your pet’s perspective


You want to learn how to hold the vibrations of love instead of despair throughout the end-of-life journey


You are open to the idea that inner transformation has an effect on our pet’s wellbeing


You want to make sure you are making conscious decisions instead of reacting from unconscious beliefs that may not be the best solution for you and your pet at that moment

SECOND PART: The Tao Of Taking Care Of Your Dying Animal Friend

The second part of the masterclass delves deeper into navigating the final moments of our pet's journey, offering practical guidance for this pivotal phase. Tailored for those moments when our pet is already on their end-of-life path, this section provides essential insights and tools to support them with grace and compassion.

By recognizing both external physical signs and internal experiences, we gain clarity on how best to respond—whether to intervene or to simply provide a peaceful presence. Too often, well-intentioned pet parents rush their companions to the vet in these sacred moments, when what they truly need is a serene environment to focus on the transition of their soul from body to spirit.

In these delicate stages, as our pets prepare to cross the veil, our presence and unconditional love become their greatest solace. However, it's only by understanding where they are along this journey that we can make the most informed decisions, ensuring that every action taken is guided by a deep sense of love and respect.

These are the Sessions:


  • A Letter from your dog

  • The Tao of caring for our dying pet

  • The awakened caregiver

  • How to deal with others that are on a different wavelength

  • Children witnessing death

  • The stages of dying

  • Daya – A dog that teaches us how to die

  • We all know how to die


  • STAGE 1 – The call

  • Sacred listening

  • Over-treatment

  • Holistic vet & other therapies

  • Palliative care and hospice

  • Self-care and help from others


  • STAGE 2

  • The dissolution of the elements

  • Resistances

  • Spending time together

  • Letting go

  • Tonglen

  • Energy healing

  • Creating a sacred space

  • Anticipatory grief


  • STAGE 3 – Active dying

  • Earth

  • Water

  • Fire

  • Terminal agitation

  • Lingering on

  • Air

  • Swan song

  • The last breath: turning into boundless love

  • Space


  • Wake

  • Powa

  • Burial & Cremation

  • Funeral & Ceremony

  • Signs

  • Dreams and visitations

  • Keeping the connection alive

  • The awakened pet parent

  • Until we meet again

The Tao is for you if:


You are curious about allowing the intelligence that created us, guide us to the end of this life on Earth


You want to understand the natural process of dying so you can know at all times what is going on, allowing you to better support your pet on all levels


You find it hard to set a time and a date for your pet’s death, but you also don’t want your pet to be in pain


You are ready to embrace a new way of staying with your pet until the end


You want to do everything possible to keep the connection open to the other side

Who is this masterclass for?


Anyone who shares their lives with a beloved animal friend of all ages


Pet professionals - vets - energy healers who are ready to truly see what happens on all levels at the end of life and want to support their clients holistically


And because our brains only recognize what we already know, this masterclass is also essential if for animal communicators. It will expand the knowledge of the possibilities that exist at the end of life and allow to translate more precisely the vibrational messages that come from the animals we connect with.

When to enroll in this masterclass

When to enroll in this masterclass? If you're seeking solace and peace for both yourself and your beloved pet as you approach the end of their life, the answer is simple: the time is now. Don't wait until the moment of parting is upon you—prepare in advance to ensure that you and your pet can find comfort and tranquility when it matters most. By taking proactive steps today, you can navigate this tender journey with grace and avoid the anguish of unresolved grief in the aftermath of your pet's transition.

This masterclass welcomes participants at any stage of their pet's life journey. Whether your companion is young and vibrant or you've recently faced a difficult end-of-life experience and seek healing, there's valuable insight to be gained. Within this course, we'll explore techniques to heal emotional wounds that may keep us tethered to the past, allowing us to move forward with compassion and understanding, free from the burdens of regret or uncertainty.

Why take this masterclass


Are you second guessing what your pet really wants?


Was your last goodbye so hard that you still feel stuck in constant grief?


Are you afraid of making hasty decisions through fear of causing unnecessary pain?


Do you feel helpless during this time?


Do fear and anxiety stop you from enjoying your last precious moments together?

Experience a paradigm shift with Walk Your Pet Home, a groundbreaking masterclass set to redefine your approach to life and death.


Equip yourself with the essential tools to become a fully conscious and compassionate guardian during your pet's final stages of life.


Gain clarity and confidence in discerning your pet's desires, empowering you to make decisions aligned with their needs, even amidst conflicting advice.


Cultivate a nurturing environment where you can embrace your furry companion's last moments with love and perhaps even find moments of joy, strengthening your bond as they transition gracefully.


Heal past grief and fortify yourself for any end-of-life experiences you may encounter, whether with animals or humans, ensuring you're prepared to navigate these sensitive moments with grace and resilience.

Are you ready?


Are you prepared to embark on a journey where death is not the end, but a gateway to new beginnings?


Will you embrace the opportunity to restore the sacredness to your pet's passage, ensuring a serene transition and a promising start on the other side?


Can you recognize the profound value of unwavering support for your pet until their last breath, forging a bond that transcends the physical realm?


Are you ready to learn the art of companionship through the final stages of your pet's life and understand why it's essential for both of you?


Will you engage in practices to attune your consciousness to the energies of transition, deepening your connection with your beloved companion?


Can you comprehend the individuality of your pet's end-of-life journey, acknowledging that each experience is as unique as they are, and that there's no one-size-fits-all approach?

What people say about Walk Your Pet Home

“Warning!!!  This class is no ordinary class with dry, boring content.  Monique makes this class come "alive" by weaving a tapestry of her own deeply personal stories, real-life examples, and inspirational quotes, which causes the student to view animal death from an entirely different perspective.  Monique is attempting to shift the current paradigm back to honoring, respecting, and giving your animal their wishes, rather than doing what is best for ourselves, in a situation no one wants to face.  This class is a journey; it will take you places you never expected to go; it will have you questioning everything from your past decisions to your own mortality and internal process.  After this class, you will never see life the same again, in the most beautiful possible way.....".    

Dr. Carol Granlund - USA      

PSY.D. | Psychologist

“Truly it's not a course about dying.  It's about living...better!  Monique teaches that the end-of-life stage is still living.  We're just following the cycles of nature.  And our animals are close to nature so they know how this all works.  Learning this has taken so much pressure off of me.   I can enjoy the moments with Sully as I support him on His journey.  We learn the stages and signs of dying, but not to expect anything - we're all unique.  We're in this Dance - sadness/confusion, but always coming back to the present moment and the frequencies of love.  Monique is very humble, teaching from a wealth of personal experiences and holding so much compassion for all of us on this journey.  This course is a gift, not just to your animal but to yourself.  It is life-changing!".

Marcy Dobberthien - USA

“We have so much to understand & learn about death. Taking the WYPH course with Monique, was a huge step forward! It was an amazing class and she taught me how to view death from a peaceful, spiritual perspective.

The course offers a true understanding of what happens to our pets during transition and the importance of remaining present with them while they journey home. Our pets have invaluable gifts and lessons they leave us in this life when they transition. It is up to each of us to participate in our own journey with our pet to discover what that is.

The WYPH course provides a beautiful message of the unconditional love our pets provide and what their perspective is on death and dying. Euthanasia is not the only option and guilt does not need to be a part of each loss.”

Michelle Wehr - USA      

“Walk your Pet Home is a profound teaching for anyone, whether you are a pet parent or not. In

this course, Monique guided us on a journey to face the biggest fear that most of us have in this life - that of death, either our own death or that of a precious loved one. Armed with the background of knowledge she has attained through years of study across many disciplines, Monique guided us to a better understanding of ourselves, our beloved animals, and the process of life and death itself. She showed us how deeply our animals guide us on this journey, calling us to recognize the beauty of death in its natural cycle, and urging us gently to be open to its gifts. Monique shares her life's work and passion with us openly, and we are the better for it. As an Animal Reiki practitioner and teacher, I learned much from this course and recommend it without reservation to anyone who wants to go deeper and love their animal more fully on their journey home.”

Rose O'Connor, USA

Animal Reiki teacher

What's included


12 Modules


81 Sessions


24 hours of videos to watch at your own pace




Practices to increase awareness


Bonus video “What Our Pets Teach Us About Life & Death”


Access to our Private Community to get support from our tribe, during and after the course


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More payment options

I understand that the value of this course extends far beyond any price tag, which is why I offer flexible payment options, including installment plans.

My goal is to ensure that this transformative work is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. If the available payment plans don't quite fit your needs, please don't hesitate to reach out—I am sure we will find a solution that works for you.

Rest assured, the benefits you'll receive from this course are truly priceless. It's not just a one-time investment, but a lifelong resource that will guide you through the journey of any pet in your life now and in the future. And the more time you have to practice, the easier it becomes.

Now is the time to honor your pet's life and end-of-life with true dignity and grace. It's time to transform moments of challenge into ones of peace and healing. It's time to elevate our love for our beloved pets to the highest frequencies possible, precisely when they need us most.


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